By: toksister

Feb 08 2014

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Its a night like any other. Cold, & dark as pitch. I am driving home from a night away, and get a text from Mom. “Are you home yet?” “No, in about 10 minutes. Why? Where are you?” I assumed she wasn’t home, since she didn’t know I wasn’t. “Oh. I’m home” Then why….”Ok. What’s wrong?” I ask her. Now normally I don’t text and drive, but something seemed off about this conversation, so I continued. “Well, nothing I guess. I just thought you were home, because I heard someone go upstairs. And I heard your door close. And since Austin is at his dads, I thought it was you.” “No, but almost there.” I reply. This left me wondering, who was in my house? With my mom? Going upstairs, to MY room?

I had just left the big bright city, and driven out into the dark country night, which happened to be moonless. I arrive home, and mumble under my breath “dammit you could leave a porch light on for somebody.” With the combination of no moon, no yard light, and not even the consideration of the front porch light, its darker than dark. Can’t see your hand pressed against your face dark.

Then I remember. I have a tiny little light on my key-ring. Just found it. Perfect. I jumble my bags around and find my keys. Flip the switch, and…..nothing. FUCK! Blasted dead batteries. I will probably break my neck trying to find the front door. The dogs will find me when they are let out in the morning, broken neck, and frozen into a popsicle. I just shake my head, and blindly make my way to the door.

Both the knob and deadbolt are likely locked as well, since there’s no light. Typical around here. As I stumble slowly in what i THINK is the direction of my front door, it occurs to me, its very quiet, even for out here in the middle of nowhere. Not a single sound of nature. No leftover crickets from summer, not a single dog barking.

Suddenly, a loud THUD. I jump, look around, then curse myself. “What’re you gonna do? Use your magic night vision, dumbass?” Then again. THUD. Ok, I’m ready to find the door now. THUD. Then a thought. My house is right in the middle of a dairy farm.

There are cows in the pasture, all around the house. Thats what I hear. The cows walking. THUD. But…..I should be in front of the house by now. They shouldn’t sound so close. THUD. THUD. THUD. THUD. Maybe one is out of the fence?

I break into a run, it could be the big bad bull, after all. I somehow reach the steps, but I can feel hot, steamy breath on the back of my neck. Then came the growl. Low, deep, demonic sounding. Like nothing I’ve heard before, and most certainly don’t want to stick around to hear again. I jam my key toward the lock, and the light comes on, “MOM!” I turn to see….




5 comments on “Darkness”

  1. Reblogged this on Death Maiden Musings and commented:
    READ OR BLEED FOLKS. Delve into the Darkness and delight in the fear

  2. Oh my sister. What a defrightful read!!! So damn proud!!

  3. This is great sister!! I love the heart-stopping suspense! Very scary and cool!

  4. Well done!! Very suspenseful! Love you so much sister! Loved this too!

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