By: toksister

Apr 10 2014

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You see that man over there? Yeah. The homeless man on the corner? You see how he is shielding himself from the cold rain by sitting under a cardboard box? His clothes are dirty and torn, for they are all he has. His shoes are worn nearly through to the soles, and he has no money to buy more.


He hasn’t even enough money to eat. He has no friends. He has no family. Why, you ask? Because of me. Gluttony. When I spotted him last year, He was on a business trip to Vegas, and decided to visit the casino in his hotel.


He had never gambled before, but I saw the mark of my sister, Avarice, and I knew he would. I knew he would gamble a lot. I watched him from across the room as he gambled more and more of his fortune away. He was a very handsome man, still dressed in his very expensive looking suit from the long day of meetings.


I crossed the room, drew closer, to better observe him. The room stank of sweat, booze, and smoke, but as I slipped in next to him at the Blackjack table, my senses went into overload. I could smell the greed coming off him in waves. My sister, as usual, has done well. He has more than most wish for, but its not enough. I see in his eyes that he would bet it all in an attempt to acquire more. I even saw in his wallet, a picture. A beautiful woman, and two small children.


Would he bet them too? I knew that one kiss from me, and he would lose everything. And THAT made me smile. I stayed a while longer, cheering him on. Before I turned to leave, I touched his hand, and leaned to kiss him on the cheek for luck. Before the night was over, his wallet was empty. Now, one year later, his life is empty.


One kiss from me, and he couldn’t stop. The money. The job. The house. The car. The family. All gone. You can be next. Tempt me if you dare.
My name is…..


My beautiful sisters and I are….


The Seven Deadly Sinners


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