My Sister. My Friend.

By: toksister

May 19 2014

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   The last 9 months or so of my life have been an emotional roller coaster. I had gone through a devastating but much needed break up, and was feeling lost and alone. My heart was broken. I really had no friends, he had alienated me from all of them. I had long since abandoned facebook, and had just joined twitter, with only 5 followers. Within a week of the break-up, I had all of these TOK affiliated people following me. I honestly had NO idea what I had gotten into. All these months later, I know. And I know I couldn’t have done it without each and every member of the amazing family I have found my way into. So much love. So much talent. So many people supporting each other. No matter what. Someone there when you need them, no matter the time of day, no matter the problem.


   But there is one member of my family who stands out among the rest. She is beautiful. She is loving. She is the very most supportive sister anyone could ask for. She is there anytime I need her. She loves deeply, completely, and only asks the same in return. This sister of mine touches me daily with her words. Be it a Facebook post, a piece she has written, (MOST AMAZINGLY TALENTED is this sister of mine), a tweet, or simply a pm between she and I, she always finds a way to reach in and touch my soul. My sister can also scare the living daylights out of you, or chill you to the core with her many dark tales. There are times when tears fall from my eyes from laughing at something she’s said, or posted. Other times I see my sis hurting, and tears of sadness overtake me. And anger. That ANYONE could hurt one of the very most loving, beautiful people I have ever known. Those are the times that I feel I could walk across the country to hug her, tell her I love her, and make everything ok. Because that’s what she does for me. Every time. This sister of mine has my heart in her hands, and can ALWAYS count on me to be just a fingertip away, anytime she needs me.


   I love you Melanie Boutin, with my whole heart. You have inspired the writer in me to show herself, and given me an out for all the pain I was holding in. You have given me the gift of being the big sister I never had, and I am grateful every single day for every second that I have known you. You give your whole self to each of us, every single day, not to mention your husband, kids, writing, and everything else you do. You truly are the strongest woman I know, and you deserve all the happiness in the world. May it find you, and surround you forever. I send you all my love, positive vibes, and happy thoughts. And the dark ones too. Because you have a confidence about walking in the darkness that NO ONE else can claim. Forever my inspiration. Forever my muse. Forever my mentor. Forever my friend. But most importantly, FOREVER MY SISTER. I love you SisMine. Always.



3 comments on “My Sister. My Friend.”

  1. Just when I thought I’d found my words, I lost them again. Thank you Sismine. I’m so touched that I can think of nothing that would pay this gift justice. ❤

  2. beautiful and heartfelt and so true …she inspires us all daily. I couldn’t think of a better friend or sister to call mine

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