By: toksister

May 29 2014

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Duchess's Requiem

Standing in the shade, eyes closed, the sound of the River at my back. I hear the various voices of my family calling out, looking for me. I know that some of them have decided to wander the Twisted Path, see where it takes them, and of course I’m welcome to go along should I wish to. Others have chosen to stay put, swim in the River, sleep in the Keep. There has been discontent wrapped around these people that I love, causing unhappiness and strife and my heart aches for us all.

I am picturing the route of the lovely Twisted Path, I have wandered it extensively on my own when I require peace and quiet. I know that it touches the River often, dipping into the crimson waters, at times nearly being absorbed by it. There are also places where, even straining, there is no sound from the…

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