A Whole New World pt 1

I awake to total darkness. Can’t see your hand in front of your face darkness. Where the hell am I? How did I get here? More importantly, why the fuck can’t I see? My eyes are open. Ok. Stop. Relax. Breathe…. What’s the last thing I remember? I’m on my bed, Charmed in the background, bleeding out a really tough one. I must have fallen asleep. But I’m awake now. I pinch myself to be sure. OUCH!! Ok, yeah. I’m awake. What I am NOT however, is in my bed. I am on the ground.

It’s not cold here, that’s a plus. I still would like to know why I can’t see. I use my remaining senses to try to figure out where I am, at least. I feel around me, small circles at first. Nothing. There is a soft covering, some kind of tree branches under me. Larger circle. Still nothing. Ok. There is a faint breeze, warm and comforting compared to the cold back home. There is a very faint coppery smell on the breeze. It seems to fill my entire body every time I inhale. Yet its somehow pleasant. I can hear water nearby, although it sounds muffled somehow, as if I was wearing earplugs. A river maybe? Ok, so don’t wander too far. Don’t wanna stumble blindly into it and drown. I jump at the sudden, very strange call of some creature I’ve never heard before. Also muffled, but still loud, it sort of sounded like a woman screaming. I shiver at the thought, wrap my arms around myself. ‘Hello?’ Softly at first, then a little louder, ‘Is anyone there?’ Suddenly I feel a presence, not beside me, or in front of me, but all around me. I hold my breath, wait. But I realize that, though this presence seems to surround me completely, it’s not a threatening presence. Actually, I feel more at peace now than I have since I woke up completely blind, half deaf, and clueless as to where I am. I feel safe, calm…loved? How is that possible in this strange dark place? A gentle hand on my shoulder makes me jump, but only a little. A soft, kind, female voice speaks to me.

Do not be afraid Sister. I am a friend, and I am here to help you.‘ ‘Where is here exactly?’ I ask. Here is where you make it. What you want it to be. Whatever you’re heart desires.‘ ‘Why can’t I see? And why does everything sound so muffled, except for you? How did I get here? WHY am I here?’ I have so many questions, but these seem most pressing at the moment. The kindest laugh I have ever heard follows my questions. This voice seems to come from inside me, from inside my head, and my heart.

And it is as clear to me as my own voice, unlike any other sound here. Dear Sister, all questions will be answered in time. As for your senses, open them. As you opened your eyes when you woke, and your heart to me when I touched you, you must open your mind to the world you have entered.‘ I cry out and throw my hands in the air. ‘I’ve tried. I’ve tried everything I can think of since I found myself in this darkness, but I CAN’T SEE!!’ I yell out into the darkness. ‘I will help you. Close your eyes.‘ Before I can ask why the hell it matters, I can’t see anyway, I am engulfed in the most powerful feeling of love. It feels like a hug, although there is no physical presence. The most wonderful feeling washes over me. Like I am brand new. Can start over. ‘Now….open your eyes.‘ I slowly open them, and find I am standing in the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

As I am taking in the beauty around me, the voice, now fading, Now that you have chosen to walk the Crimson Path, it shall not fail you. Stray if you must, but not too far. It is beautiful here, but not everything here is friendly. If you lose the Path, you may follow the Crimson River.

Drink from it. Bleed your share. We all do, it is our life-force. Welcome to the Grue family. Although you walk the Path alone, someone will always be here to help when you stumble.‘ I ask, ‘What is your name? How do I find you?’ But she is gone….


3 comments on “A Whole New World pt 1”

  1. OH! Beautfiul Sister!! Love it!

  2. Just wonderful sis!! Loved it and can’t wait to read more!!

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