A Whole New World pt 2

I sit for a while longer, taking in the beauty around me. Never before had I seen a sky so blue, grass so green. Everything is so vivid here. Colors so bright they almost hurt your eyes. I rise for the first time since I woke, and spin all the way around. Just to my left, I see the Path my visitor spoke of. A little farther in the distance, and off to my right, I can now clearly hear the sound of the River. I wander in that direction, curious to see this Crimson River I’d heard about. All around me are trees that seem to reach all the way to the brutally blue sky. Beneath them, bushes almost as big as trees themselves. The limbs of these are what I woke up on I think to myself, but who put them there? Oh well. Doesn’t matter now, does it? I shake my head and walk on. There are flowers everywhere. Of all colors, sizes, varieties. Some familiar, some not.

The brightest, prettiest, largest flower I see, and there is only one, is a beautiful Crimson rose. It blooms alone on the vine, which seems to weave and wind its way all the way up one of the giant tree trunks to the sky. Its so beautiful!! I shout. I reach out to touch the dagger like thorn protruding from beneath the rose, when a voice stops me.

WAIT. There are things you should know.

I turn quickly, but see no one.

Up here.

I look up in the tree above me and see the oddest sight…


Who are you?

My name is Milley. I was sent to be your friend, your guide, your companion, whatever you need.

Sent by who?

Such questions do not matter. We must begin our journey soon. But first, a drink.

My new friend then jumps from her perch and strolls down the hill. I follow closely behind. When we emerge from the trees, my eyes feast upon the most beautiful Crimson sight I’ve ever seen…


I am speechless. Breathless. Milley walks right out into the edge of the blood-red river and begins to drink. I drop to my knees, cup my hands, and do the same. When I’ve had my fill, I lean back on the bank, and take a moment to drink in my surroundings. Milley saunters over to me, I can hear her purring over the sound of the river. She crawls onto my chest, curls her long tail around her sleek, shiny body, and lays down.

We really should be on our way soon. The others are waiting for you. But first, there are things I must tell you. Warnings you MUST take to heart. As you were told, its beautiful here, but not always friendly…


7 comments on “A Whole New World pt 2”

  1. Yay! Nice to meet Milley 🙂 I’m so glad to see you, welcome home ♥

  2. *sigh* you make our home sound so lovely Sis. Milley is a wonderful

  3. Oh I love Milley!! Our home is so beautiful, I can’t wait for more sis! I love vivid details and your bleeding is full of such! Xoxo

  4. Badassical!! AW£SOM£ sis!! ♥

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