Just Sayin…..

I’m not sure if i will be more or less active in the next few days. I have to quit smoking. Been doing it for 26 years, and that’s long e-damn-nuff! I’m tired of having no appetite because what i do eat takes like shit. I’m REALLY tired of waking up every morning tasting like there’s a fucking ash tray in my mouth. Pretty damn sick of spending so much of the little bit i make on smokes too. So. I have 4 left. When they are gone, no more. Not sure if this means i will be MORE active to occupy my mind, or less active because everythings pissing me off. If you need me, DM me. I WILL be keeping up with what’s going on. Probably be doing A LOT more reading and writing. So please keep tagging me in your posts. Know that i love you all so very dearly, and i thank you for all of your love, support, laughs, tears, and for being the totally fan-fucking-tastic savage siblings i never had!!! *bear hugs everybody* Love y’all!!!! xoxo



2 comments on “Just Sayin…..”

  1. I wish I could help! Sending positive thoughts your way! *hugs*

  2. Wonderful!! You can and will do this! I am quitting too, after 22 yrs!! Here if you need me Sis!!

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