New Life pt 2

Once in VA, I had no idea where to begin. My youngest daughter had been living there for a year, so there’s step one. Make up for some lost time. My step mom took me shopping, lets not forget that I walked away with only the clothes on my back and the drivers license in my back pocket. So i had to have EVERYTHING. People were great. Family and friends who happened to be my size went through closets and whatnot to donate clothes as well. I had an entire basement apartment all to myself, which left me plenty of time to think. And cry. And I joined facebook. Found some old friends from high school, and made new ones of course. Facebook and Meagan, my wonderful cousin, got me through the days, but the nights. They were oh so very long. I would lay there, staring at the ceiling, wondering what he was doing, missing the hell out of him, and cry. My dog Dixie, who had been living with my ex, came to live with me, to keep me company. She was my little rock. A dog, you say? Yes, because when the house and facebook were all quiet, she was right there with me. Now I could go to bed and not feel so alone, with the little bed-hog under the covers by my feet. But I needed something else. Along with all of my clothes, i also left behind my entire Stephen King book collection. That REALLY hurt. I had been building that collection since age 10. So I decided to start over. Bought a few used paperbacks of his to start with, and got a couple more for Christmas. Something to keep my mind occupied on those long cold lonely nights. Christmas came and passed, and the New Year. The pain was easing, but not by much. I truly felt as if I had left behind a part of myself that it was going to be VERY difficult to live without.


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