New Life…..

Ok so Valentines day has come and gone, thank god…now i mostly spend my days on facebook, chatting & playing zoo world, when I’m not working with my dad that is. Watching soaps, and even had a babysitting job for a couple weeks. Little boy, about 10 months at the time i believe. My step-brother-in-laws nephew. Wow. *laughs out loud* Lil cutie he was anyway. Once he went back to stayin with his grandma 😦 i had to find a full time job. Or TRY anyway. So my Meagan told me about a job near her house, which meant movin back to NC. I had to think about that one….do i want to leave my peaceful quiet basement, just my dog and me, my daughter upstairs, and my dad. My choice of what to watch, no computer sharing. From all that to….2 small ROWDY ASS boys (love them with all my heart just so ya know) but OH MY GOD!!!! Mine are much bigger and calmer and well all girls but one…so I’m past the point of patience for all that…anyway, besides the boys, she and her hubby fight ALL THE TIME….*shakes head* when i say fight….yeah, FIGHT. Have to sleep in the living room and share the tv til everyone goes to bed. Dogs. So many dogs. Only one inside, my Dante. You may remember him from my house-sitting weekend. Anyway, that one i LOVE. But the rest? Obnoxious barking pains in the ass. I am an animal lover, don’t get me wrong, love all things furry…or not furry, lol. But these bark ALL THE TIME!!! But i need the job. My oldest 3 kids are with their asshole dad, and i feel like i need to be closer to them. Mena has my dad, i KNOW he rocks, no worries. BUT…there is one even BIGGER con than any of the others. Takes number one for sure….Josh. So very close. EVERY TIME i go into town, to the grocery store, the dollar store, the GAS STATION for smokes, i run a HUGE risk of walking straight into him. Or anyone in his family. Its a LARGE town…just so happens he lives JUST around the corner and shops at ALL the same stores. Drive across town? Avoid at all costs? Great. Still no job, remember? Gotta go as close to home as possible. But, fuck it…here goes nothin….I’ve been secretly driving by his house when i was in the area all this time anyway. Like that’s not a huge risk? Yeah, they walk everywhere. Could pass right by him anytime. Got butterflies in my stomach, but I’m comin home…..


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