Soulmate pt 1

Before I begin, this is gonna hurt, but I think it best I get this one out of the way first. Its the largest, most recent wound and still totally raw. I hope to make it out of this one with my heart still intact. Ok. Here we go. I met him when i worked in a convenience store about 8 years ago. He was the nephew of a co-worker. We became very close friends. His aunt & i were BEST friends for a while, til she went totally schizo one night & tried to kill me….that’s another story, lol. Anyway, his name was Josh, he was 10 years younger than me, and in no way did i ever think we would be more than just best friends. After the incident with the aunt, & a restraining order, i was afraid i wouldn’t see him again. He wouldn’t let that be so, and we began spending more time together. I would drop my roommate off at work, then go hang out with Josh til time to pick him up again. Occasionally i would spend the night, just to watch movies, have a few drinks, and sometimes babysit while other friends went out. Over time, i began to notice that i didn’t want to go home. Even tho his mom is a royal BITCH (& crackhead) and i HATED his brother who was an asshole pill addict, i would rather be there with Josh than at home in my own space. I began to spend every day there, and a lot of nights. I already knew and was close with his entire family, my kids too. By this time we have known each other about 4 years, and had plenty of time to own up to our feelings, i just don’t think either of us REALLY realized what was happening until…..


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