Special Someone

I had decided never to open my heart to anyone again, not in that special way. Not even get close to someone. Never put myself out there like that again. I have my amazing kids. They are my world. I have my most fantastic brothers and sisters behind me. Why do I need someone like that? Why even chance getting hurt like that again? Suddenly, along comes someone who makes me question my decision. It hasn’t been long since my heart was broken. Half a year. Hardly enough time to feel strong enough, confident enough, to let someone else in. Not when the first time a year and a half wasn’t enough. Not when the last one meant so much. Not when we went through so much together. I just can’t. My TOK Grue family has loved and supported me without end, through the months that would surely have been unbearable. Through the lonely nights, the bouts of tears at my loss. Without fail SOMEONE has been there when I’ve needed them most. It is that love, loyalty, and unwavering support that has lifted me to a place where I CAN open my heart again. Even now. Especially now, with such a firm foundation behind me. I feel stronger than ever before, like I matter to someone, belong somewhere. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my bleeding heart for every kind, amazing thing you have done for me. I love you all more than you will ever know.

And now a message from my inspiration for this post:

I’m not going to reply with words. You’ll find out what I think. I do have a message for the TOK Grue family. You all ROCK! You’ve shown me that the internet is a good thing and people can and do help. You all have my deepest respect… I love you all. (Some more than others).
Now back to your regularly scheduled Mikey Monster…

We love you all!

*And a special thanks to my beautiful daughter Courtney, for her hard work typing and re-typing this post.


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