Step One…

I had to make a choice. To go back, or not. The only opinions that mattered to me were my kids, so I asked them. They said yes, they wanted to see Joey’s kids at least. So there it is. We’re going. At least i won’t be alone. I pick them up on friday, and off we go. My 2 girls and me. There is a HELL of a reunion between the 7 kids. Wow, it was LOUD in that little apartment. I sat in the kitchen with Joey and Heather while the kids raised all their hell in the living room. We discussed whether or not I should see him. I still wasn’t sure until my sweet Haley came to me. She sat at the table with me, looked in my eyes, and said “You need to see him. He needs to see you.” *sigh* I can’t just ignore her. He is her best friend. Ok. “Call him.” But i ONLY want to see him. So Joey made the call. Asked him to come chill, smoke a blunt. “There’s someone here who wants to see you.” It was only a five minute walk for him, so he said he was on his way. All those nights, all those tears, the questions, the feelings, everything comes full circle, and in just a few minutes. I felt every emotion possible in those few minutes. I heard the kids let him in, and heard his excitement when he saw my girls, but almost got tackled when he rounded the corner and saw me. Immediately I was wrapped up in his arms, and I knew right then there was no place I’d rather be. But did he feel the same? It felt like it, but that’s his arms, not his heart. We took the blunt and went to the porch to talk alone. We talked about what we’d each been up to, how much we had missed each other, and finally, what are we going to do. It was getting late, so we decided to exchange phone numbers, and discuss it further. We went inside, let the kids all say goodbye, and i took him home. *Sidenote: Almost had to have stitches in my forehead that night. By the time we came out to leave, a massive storm had blown in, and it was pouring rain. I opened the door to get in, and smacked the corner of the car door into my eyebrow. Saw stars i did. *nods* And bled EVERYWHERE….So i took him home, and we went home. I spent the weekend thinking things over, wrote him a letter explaining how i felt, then decided to just call him on monday. Monday came, he called me. We talked, I believe for hours. About everything. Us. Our past. Why I left. What we’d missed out on. And finally, we decided to try again, hoping things would work this time. And so…on to Step 2….


5 comments on “Step One…”

  1. Hugs Sis. I love how you share with us. Thank you ❤️

  2. Thanks sis for sharing! Wow, already my heart bleeds with you! I can feel it all, like I was there! That is a talent few hold. Love u to the moon and back. Can’t wait for step 2!!!

  3. AGR££D, sis I feel like I was right there with you! Fabulous story telling! It’s. part of your autobiography for sure ♥ big hugs

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